With all great blogs out there, delivering information with no cost, how can you make your blog stand out? I mean, marketing your blog isn’t as easy as saying “I’m going to market my blog”. It takes real work, but before you get to working your way up towards the top of the mountain, you need to know how a thing or to about blog marketing.

Well, this isn’t exactly a “Marketing 101” post, but read on, and I’ll tell you a few tips on how to effectively market your business blog.

Listen first, blog later

This is probably the best thing you can do to ensure your business blogging success. I mean, getting into the blogging world, without having any kind of background information of what blogging is about, is like diving into a sea of sharks. Your chance of making it out alive is just as thin as your chances of getting good web traffic.

You’ll find that the internet is a wonderful tool to find out if what other companies in your niche are blogging about. Go and see what the latest trends are.

You want people to come to your site. Well, that’ll only happen if your site has some interesting stuff. You have to fill it with content that will interest your audience, not content that will interest you. With that, take advantage of the internet to find out what it is that people will most likely read about.

Know what you want to achieve

Don’t just blog because it’s the “thing”. There has to be an underlying reason behind it. Find out what your goals are.

You can start by listing down your goals. You’ll be surprised to realize that you have multiple goals. You may even decide to put up several blogs at a time, directed at your various goals.

Be useful

The most important thing that can happen to your blog is for people to find out that you exist. With that, the need to be useful arises. I mean, people don’t just read blogs for nothing. If they are taking the time to browse through different blogs, it is because they are looking for some kind of information.

That being said, don’t just publish posts that offer a word count. You must also aim to publish high-quality posts. What does a high-quality post mean? A high-quality post is an article that will satisfy the reader. It is an article that will serve the reader’s need. With that, your article has to be well-written and well-researched. On top of that, you should also aim to write an article that is 800 words and above.

Be professional or conversational

You have to stick with a writing tone. You can’t use a professional tone in your first blog post, and then use a conversational one in your second, and then use the professional tone again in your third.

You have to choose only one. Your writing tone is like your identity, and it’s not like you can have two identities. So, choose one.

Be interactive

It’s not just about filling your blog with content. It’s also about connecting with your readers. Why? Well, why did you even think about starting a business blog in the first place? Of course, you’re going to have to connect with them sooner or later. How else are you going to transform them into customers?

When people comments on your blog posts, be sure to always reply. Tell them how much you appreciate their response or feedback. Let them know that you will be glad to answer any more of their questions if ever they have any.


Blogging is all about establishing yourself as an authority in your field, but in this case, it is not you who you will be the expert. Rather it is the company.

With that, instead of always linking to other outbound sources, you should link to articles on the blog.


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Shawn Price

I am Shawn and I am a professional blogger. I wasn’t always a writer. I just found myself suddenly in love with writing when I first read about Edgar Allan Poe’s works. I thought I could write short stories like him and so began my journey as a writer and blogger. I also love singing when I am in the bathroom from which no one can hear me. You will find most of my works at essayspark.com.