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Past Shows

Bill Corbett, Jr. Choosing the right PR firm.  In today’s competitive business world, many businesses are thinking about hiring PR firms for help with standing out among competition yet do not know what costs are involved and which questions need to be asked in order to make the right decision. Bill Corbett, Jr., President of Corbett Public Relations, Inc. will share valuable information that businesses should ask when considering a PR firm/publicist and what they should look for in order to select the right firm

David Giannetto – Marketing through social and mobile.  David Giannetto helps companies leverage technology providing both the technical and business insight necessary to create understand and utilize it to improve performance.

George Athan – Cold Calling.  George Athan is the CEO of MindStorm and a top business growth expert who helps companies, business owners, and executives rapidly grow their organizations through four key performance areas of Strategy, Innovation, Marketing, & Sales. George will be joining us to discuss cold calling. Most companies do not cold call anymore which is making it even easier for those who do. Many people are shifting to cold emailing. How businesses can create a strategy to get sales appointments with ANYONE using a combination of cold email, direct mail, and cold calling.

Jay Baer – Hug your haters. We welcome Author and Entrepreneur Jay Baer to discuss his new book, Hug your Haters. Tune in to hear Jay talk about customer service and why its vital to your business marketing efforts.

George Athan – Cold Calling and Follow-up Part 2. Join us as we welcome back George Athan to continue our discussion on cold calling. George offers some great tips on follow-up, how to use a combination of cold email, cold calling and direct mail as a winning sales combination.

Kelly Robbins – Why successful Marketers create their own Fresh Tracks. Coach Kelly Robbins offers great advice on how you can use her techniques that she applied to her own business to generate 100’s of qualified leads for her business.

Alicia Nicole Waters – Marketing Mindset. Tune in as we speak with Entrepreneur, Alicia Nicole Waters about your mindset for marketing. Your attitude determines your altitude and Alicia offers tips and suggestions to up-level your marketing efforts to achieve a new level of success.