Adrienne Weissman HeadshotYour Product is Already Naked By Adrienne Weissman, chief marketing officer, G2 Crowd

Your product is naked in front of your customers. Every time a product user reviews the software, they highlight the obvious beauty and strengths but they will also point out the small blemishes, stained teeth and the occasional bad haircut. But you are not powerless in this situation. Applying the concepts of naked marketing can help to turn this situation into a win for your company.

First, people no longer rely solely on their coworkers, the salesperson, a website or advertising and marketing messages. They are accessing detailed information on product review sites, from testimonials provided by a product’s users and actual customers. Your potential clients are searching and finding third-party validation of the good and bad aspects of your product.

Most consumers are using this data and it’s not just limited to consumer products. Businesses and professionals are now behaving similarly to how consumers make everyday purchases. Professionals are now searching and finding out what customers think of the software they have purchased for their businesses. G2 Crowd sees more than 600,000 visitors each month. These people are researching business software using the site’s more than 75,000 verified-user reviews. Recent data shows that 85 percent of tech buyers read up to ten online reviews prior to making a purchase.

The basics of getting started are as follows: establish a review strategy, encourage your customers to write a review on G2 Crowd, listen and learn and then take action to share or address the feedback.

The foundation of naked marketing is built around empowering your current users to review your product. As your total number of reviews grow, so will the number of prospects who are considering your product. When you have a large number of reviews, in a buyer’s mind, you become more viable in the product category.

One guarantee – these reviews will be a smattering of good and bad and both offer value. Good reviews are easy to identify, leverage and amplify. Alternatively, negative reviews provide opportunity and are expected by customers researching your product.

Most importantly, your customers expect to see both good and bad reviews. They do not trust a product with all perfect reviews, it smells fishy to the researchers. Having a smattering of negative reviews makes your product credible.

And when you find a negative review, you have an enormous opportunity. Publicly engaging with that user, addressing their issues and showing that you care about their experience is a terrific way to build trusting, loyal customers. Buyers and prospects love to see a company that engages with their customers to address an issue. These examples are shown to increase the likelihood that the observing prospect will purchase your product.

Remember, professionals want to know what they are getting before they buy. These purchases are tied to their professional credibility, identity and overall success. They must decide what aspects of products are most important to their organization. The third party assessment of your product is an incredibly helpful step in the buying cycle.

When you are assessing your customers’ reviews, take the time to learn from them. Users are transparently sharing your product’s strengths and weaknesses. Many companies spend tens of thousands of dollars for this valuable information – run with it. This information can drive strategic innovation at your company and keep you well ahead of the competition.

Finally, by adopting naked marketing, you are engaging with potential customers who have realistic expectations for your product. They are also more likely to share their experience with your product. So they know what to expect, accept your product’s strengths and weaknesses and if you exceed their expectations, they are going to tell the world. The successful outcomes of naked marketing are happy customers, the right prospects and a successful business.

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