Marketing is an ever changing beast. As one trend gains traction among people, the next one is always on the horizon and gaining pace, fast. There are, however, tons of strategies emerging all the time which help marketers create emotional ties with people in how they market their products.

You are usually always tempted to get in with the latest fad. However, successful marketing does not mirror the success of another company; instead, it pushes an advertising strategy which correlates with values that your brand holds close.

Consumers always Expect A lot

Expectations by consumers are growing at an astonishing rate. Sometimes research shows how brands are failing, even when they do not seem so. In the modern world, consumers are able to contact a company with any concerns or questions. They demand fast and efficient customer service and world class outcomes. The thing is that they won’t wait to try every brand to give their verdict on which one is the best. They will simply go by what you market.

Brand Identity

Your product could be the best of them all, except that is not all that it takes to make someone want to buy your product; brand identity is something you are selling too. Think about it; Coca Cola has a happy brand identity, while Mountain Dew is about sports, and so on. When you look at such products, you relate to their brand identity and choose one that you think reflects what you approve. People want things that are not just innately good, but have brands that speak volumes about the great story behind everything.

Personal Connection

You wouldn’t think it comes under the umbrella of marketing, but it does. It is no longer acceptable to just send an email that says “dear customer”. You must send in their first names in the greeting, and more than that, draft your content in a way that shows your brand’s quirkiness, intellect, or anything that you have based your brand image on. It is important that you personalize communication with your customers. According to polls and surveys, people like to be singled out when being catered to. It is kind of like telling someone that you care for them just as much as you care for the hundreds of other customers that you are talking to at the same time.

Social Responsibility

This has been trending for a while now, and for good reason too. You should be targeting green products and ethical methods. People like to know that they are playing their part in making the world a better place to live in. So, give them a chance so that they give you a chance to serve them with your product. It really is that simple; a win- win situation for the two of you.


The article was written by the creative team behind Custom Gear.