books-1099067_960_720There’s something about being a published author that gets the attention of the top industries and opens up the flood gates of opportunities even above a college degree. Over the last decade, several leaders and entrepreneurs have been publishing books and using them as keys to unlock greater possibilities in the media. Many who are published have gained more exposure, speaking opportunities and even landed some higher level writing opportunities.

Being published is a very powerful component to achieving media success. Some experts shy away from stepping into the media through publishing because they don’t see themselves as writers.

Some might feel that they don’t have what it takes or even enough content to become published. Therefore, they don’t utilize the publishing advantages to position themselves in the media. However, there is a less intimidating way to become published and market your publications with simplicity, ease and even with having little or no budget at all.

Even if you’re not a writer, one of the easiest ways that leading experts can powerfully position themselves in the media is through publishing mini-books and use them as marketing vehicles to catapult their success. I’m an avid writer for several niches with over 100 titles to my name, most of them are in mini book format. These are what I call mini intentional messenger books of writings that are anywhere from 30 to 70 pages. I use these publications as business marketing evangelism tools to add value to my target audience, convert sales and share them as up-leveled business cards. If you take this approach you will never have to wait until you have a traditional bigger book or even feel like you need one in order to start adding value, generating leads or getting media opportunities.

This form of writing and marketing has opened up the flood gates of multimedia opportunities for me in guest blogging, magazine columnist and/or contributor opportunities for several platforms, speaking and radio interviews (just to name a few). One of the ways I used mini books to position myself in the media is through being showcased as an expert series writer for multiple industries through publishing mini book series. Now, when I’m invited to be interviewed on radio broadcasts or other online platforms, most request for me to share about one of my book series or either several of my published works in one show. Now that’s more than a double advantage to gaining more media attention to my publications.

3 Simplistic Steps to Creating Mini-Books to Market Yourself in the Media

1. Start small with creating an intentional mini book: Create an interactive journal, tips or a how to mini  book of 30-70 pages. Use a blog series of two or more related blog posts that you’ve created and re-purpose them to serve as your base content, then add interactive journal pages. Don’t worry about not having a full book of content. Even if you only have one to three good pages of content, this is perfect because you can feel the the rest of the book with action pages. I highly recommend using to get started.

2. Re-purpose/Up-level a current book or book idea: Take a bigger book project that you’re working on and break it down into several book projects. One chapter could be a book or interactive journal planner itself. Next, you can choose to use the remaining content as other offerings in workbooks, programs and/or in live or virtual workshops. This will bring you more media exposure.

3. Market your mini-books to media outlets: Create a verbal and written communication format for your mini-books or publication series. Begin sharing through organic conversations about your mini books or provide physical copies at network meetings, conferences and even trips to the grocery store where you might run into a prospect or event coordinator for organizations. Share your mini-books in pdf format and include a brief introduction about yourself through email to podcast platforms or other online media outlets. If you’re looking to explore offline media venues, then you will want to use a short professional letter and include a physical copy of your mini-book.

I encourage you to explore these three options to help launch your multimedia marketing endeavors into realms of infinite possibilities. Marketing through mini books just might be the key element missing in your media agenda that can open up the doors to your next levels of success.


Alicia Nicole Waters! is the CEO of Alicia “Waters” Cross Industries Intl., which is a global cross niche media communications and cross brand marketing training empire for helping entrepreneurs re-purpose their efforts to serve in diverse industries. She is the author of over 100 book publications and specializes in cross niche marketing, cross industries branding, and serves as a media communications and authorpreneurs mentor.

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