Our Boot Camp was created for any Entrepreneur that wants to gain media coverage and blitz at their own pace. This is not a date/time event, you are working at your own pace, you could finish in 10 days, or 6 months.  The timeline is up to you.  This is a self Picture1paced boot camp, so there are no conference calls included. 

  This Boot Camp is perfect for:

  • Entrepreneurs that can work independently
  • Entrepreneurs that have a message of value to share
  • Anyone that wants their calendar filled with interviews and writing opportunities
  • Anyone that needs additional time creating their process
  • Men, Women, Business Owners, Authors, etc., would benefit from this Boot Camp
  • Anyone who is comfortable working in an online environment

This Boot Camp is NOT for you if:

  • You have more media engagements than you can handle
  • Your Bio, Headshot and other marketing materials are getting you tons of media engagements.
  • If you are expecting to start with national coverage.

What’s included:

  • An email review of your Bio, Headshot, Topic(s).
  • Unlimited email support to review, discuss goals set and achieved.
  • Assistance in creating sample questions and topic outline(s) for pitching to the media.
  • Review of Sample Articles and/or Interviews to include in pitch.
  • Assistance in creating an email that will get attention and that can be customized for media outlets.
  • A customized list of at least 30 media outlets for you to start your media blitz and track results.
  • 5 Audio MP3’s to help you during the process, and bonus audio trainings on creating a media process that works for you
  • One year print subscription to Strictly Marketing Magazine.

What you will gain from Participating:

A clearly defined process of approaching the media with all the tools that may be required/needed by different outlets.

Success with media outlets that result in bookings or published works.  10+ successful media encounters are attainable if process is followed.   

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